“Joel Weldon has been a motivational keynote speaker at our year-end meetings as well as with smaller groups over the years at Neutron Industries in Phoenix. He has always impressed me with his attention to detail, the perfection of his presentation and how genuine and "real" he comes across as he communicates with the audience not only when on stage but also one-on-one. Joel's top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity ”

-Marcia Wahlgren

Joel Weldon


Ten Ways You Can Use Joel Weldon

  1. Seminar Leader - Sales/Leadership/Personal Development/Customer Service

  2. Keynote Speaker - A High Energy 45 - 90 Min. BURST To Kick Off Your Event

  3. Master of Ceremonies - Keep Your Entire Event Snappy, Fun & On Time

  4. Day Starter - Jump Start Each Morning & Bring Them Back to Life After Lunch

  5. Conference Closer - A Wrap of Your Entire Event To Add Value & Tie It Together

  6. Two-Day Sales Training - In Depth Training For Small Groups Up To 20

  7. Field Training - Sales Calls One-On-One With Your People

  8. Custom Videos/Audios - You Own Them & Reproduce Them In Any Quantity

  9. Speech Coach - Teach Top Management To Connect & Make A Positive Impact

  10. Contract Speaker - Idea Consultant/Any Combination of the Above For A Year

Eleven Reasons Why You Should

  1. Over 35 Years of Experience Speaking at Over 2800 Events

  2. Guaranteed Results/Fee Based on Audience Evaluation

  3. Totally Custom Message/Detailed Custom Handouts & Visuals

  4. It’s All About the Audience/ He Connects & Stays Connected

  5. High Impact/Fast & Fun/A Laugh Every 70 Seconds

  6. 50 Hours of Preparation/Nothing Left to Chance

  7. Recipient of Top Four Awards/No Other Speaker Has All Four

  8. Arrives Early/Stays Late/Will Mix & Mingle

  9. High Energy/High Content/70 Hours of Material to Draw From

  10. Attention to Detail/Total Professional/ALWAYS Onsite the Day Before

  11. He Will “Promise A Lot, Deliver Even More!”

Call NOW for available dates 1-800-852-8572

or you can contact Joel here