Jet Pilots Don't Use Rear Vew Mirrors

Back by POPULAR DEMAND!! The original 1981 recording of "JET PILOTS DON'T USE REAR VIEW MIRRORS!" by Joel Weldon, first heard on American Airlines as a "Business Seminar in the Air." That year American Airlines received over 2500 letters of thanks in response to this message! It's chock full of timeless truths on looking ahead, not back!

(57 minutes)


"Joel is outstanding. I first heard this while I was flying in the 80s on American Airlines. I am a neurosurgeon and his positive honest message and inspiring motivation helped me do even more."

James Ausman, MD, PhD
Professor, Neurosurgery, UCLA

“How Do Goals REALLY Work?”

Listen to Joel Weldon’s formula for goal achieving in an interview on the Phil Taylor Goal Achievers Radio Program as he shares his amazing journey from shy, introverted carpenter to Hall of Fame Speaker!


"Joel, thank you. I recently went through a rough period where I needed some guidance. My parents bought me your Build a Better You series, and after listening to you 3 times all the way through (now on my 4th), I have made many positive strides in my life, changed my profession, lost 31 lbs, in a very happy positive relationship and can honestly say I am happy with myself. Where the real Thank You comes in to place is this past weekend. My little brother was in a rough spot, so I gave him some brotherly advice and lent him some of my CD's (Attitude in Action & Focused Thinking). Joel, this was his status update yesterday: Thanks to my big brother I can start tapping my potential, and If it is to be its up to me..

Blake Sammons

Joel Weldon

The Willie FactorCoyote Power

Build a Better YouSell it! With The Million Dollar Attitude

The Strangest Secret CD

Jet Pilots Don't Use Rear View Mirrors30-Day Goal Cards


Success Comes in CansWHAT'S IN THE CAN??
Ingredients: Commitment, Courage, Faith, Imagination, Creativity, Honesty, Persistence, Knowledge, Defined Values, Focused Thinking, a Sense of Humor, and a Positive “I Can” attitude.

Despite that list of ingredients on the label, a lot of people still ask "What's in the Can?" But it wouldn't be very fun or challenging if we just told you the answer, would it? So we'll give you a substantial hint instead! The hint is: What would you EXPECT to find in a can that was labeled ... "SUCCESS"? Call us for a quantity discount on Cans of Success: 1-800-852-8572

Can of Success $10.00 Each

Two of JOEL WELDON'S best-loved seminars... Now available on DVD!

Joel Weldon DVDs

The Willie Factor

Come along with Joel to Memphis, Tennessee on his taxi ride with Mr. Willie Cooley, cab driver extraordinaire, and get set for 12 important ways you can use “The Willie Factor” to be amazing in sales and service!

Preview "The Willie Factor"


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Coyote Power

"Coyote Power" means you can THRIVE, not just survive! The Coyote is proof that adaptability, teamwork and courage are the keys to overcoming all obstacles ... and to being unstoppable! Preview "Coyote Power"


"Build A Better You"

Joel Weldon's newest program - The 12-hour edition!

Joel Weldon's Build a Better You
You must be thrilled!
Includes a Can of Success!

12 CDs $149.00

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be energized, uplifted and re-charged! Twelve hours of exciting ideas and over 150 inspiring true stories. Includes a Can of Success! You'll love Joel Weldon's high energy delivery and practical ideas. No psychological mumbo-jumbo, no magic formulas. Just a realistic, common sense approach based on time-tested principles.

  1. Amazing Potential
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Absolute Responsibility
  4. Opportunity Awareness
  5. Attitude in Action
  6. Practical Creativity
  7. Defined Values
  8. Realistic Goals
  9. Focused Thinking
  10. Productive Time
  11. Positive Humor
  12. Total Commitment

Download Parts 1 - 6     $39.95 (Run time: six hours)

Download Parts 7 - 12     $39.95 (Run time: six hours)

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"Sell it! With The Million Dollar Attitude"

An exciting program from Joel Weldon, one of America's most sought-after Sales Trainers!

Sell it! With the Million Dollar Attitude

Includes a 32-page Study Guide and a Can of Success!

12 CDs $149.00

You'll find better prospects, build long-term relationships, handle tough objections and close more sales!

  1. The Willie Factor
  2. The Top 1% Club
  3. Ten To Win
  4. Amaze Your Customers
  5. Questions Are the Answer
  6. Selling the Benefits
  7. The Will Invest Line
  8. Asking for the Sale
  9. 51% Wins
  10. Responding to Objections
  11. The Million Dollar Attitude
  12. Achieving Believability


Download Parts 1 - 6     $39.95 (Run time: six hours)

Download Parts 7 - 12     $39.95 (Run time: six hours)

Download information/instructions/FAQs

“Joel Weldon has been in my life since 1976 when I was a rookie in the real estate biz in Tempe, AZ and he spoke to our sales office. Many years later he mentored a Toastmasters Club I belonged to in Scottsdale. He has not changed in his positive attitude or professional approach to getting things done the right way and not giving up. It is now 35 years later and he is in my life here - what a great thing. I still remember ideas I learned from him and all his energy. Do not miss a chance to have Joel Weldon in your life.” ~ Patricia L. Brooks


by Earl Nightingale $13.95

The Strangest Secret
If you understand completely what I am going to tell you, from this moment on, your life will never be the same again.
- Earl Nightingale

This amazing message was first written for a group of salespeople at Earl Nightingale's insurance agency in 1956. They were utterly electrified. Word of it spread like wildfire, and everyone who heard it was positively ignited into action. Requests for a recording of the message came pouring in -- thousands of requests per week! Within no time, more than 200,000 people had called, written, or just walked right into Earl's office to request a copy. As years went by, that number soared above a million. Today The Strangest Secret remains one of the most powerful and influential messages ever recorded.


30-day goal cards30-day Goal Cards

Set three thirty-day goals every month, one for yourself, one for your business, and one for your family, and make steady progress in all aspects of your life.

50 Goal Cards in plastic holders - $18.50

50 Goal Card Refills without plastic - $8.00

manage & motivateManage and Motivate!

Whether you’re a supervisor, manager, top executive, or parent, you have to manage and motivate yourself and others. This 2-hour recording from 1980 is vintage Joel Weldon, packed with ideas that can still help you today to lead and manage your team more effectively, and get the positive results you want.

Download $29.50