"Joel Weldon and his organization are amazing! My father went to these seminars many, many years ago. He kept all the materials and I browsed through them as a teenager. We talked about management concepts later as I moved through my career and had staff to manage. These ideas were brought into our discussions. When my father retired, he gave me his seminar materials along with his other management materials. I am now retired and have cleared out much of my management documents -- but not the ones from Joel Weldon and Associates! The information has been valuable for relationships with family and friends. The electronic newsletters have been filed away to be read and re-read. Keep them coming! Kudos for the wonderful gift your company shares with people."

Tina King

P.S. I still keep my "Success comes in cans" can where it can be seen every day!

Joel Weldon


Get ready for high-energy, rapid-fire, practical ideas that will create not just
momentary excitement, but longterm value! Here’s a list of timely subjects presented by Hall of Fame Speaker JOEL WELDON:

A. LEADERSHIP — Making the Tough Decisions & Setting the Example

B. SALES — The Science of THRILLING Your Customers

C. PERSONAL GROWTH — Forget the Excuses! Take Responsibility!